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The ABCs of Coaching


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What is coaching?

Coaching is a catalyst for personal change. Reimagine what’s possible. Uncover what’s in the way. Break down barriers (like that little voice of doubt in your head). Grow confidence and commitment. Become your best. Bring out the best in others.

No one should go it alone. Coaching is a partnership between Client and Coach. Together, we "go deep" to gain clarity and confidence—and to co-create a path to performance.


In the words of the International Coaching Federation (ICF): “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

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Igniting each leader's "A" game

Anticipate what’s next

Adapt through ambiguity

Align to goals

Activate the plan 

Anchor to accountability


What are the benefits of coaching?



Clients tell us that coaching enables them to:

  • Discover a clear vision of the future

  • Gain self-awareness and insights

  • Increase confidence, courage, and commitment

  • Cultivate relationships of trust 

  • Collaborate more effectively

  • Show up with empathy

  • Take time for self-care

  • Moderate stress and conflict

  • Lead change with grace

And organizations see the value of:

  • Better strategic planning and decision-making 

  • Balancing productivity and personal well-being

  • Growing, engaging, and retaining talent

  • Creativity, empowerment, and innovation

  • Advancing their impact



So how does coaching work?

Coaching is an "inside out" experience.

It’s an inquiry-based process that unlocks potential. Coaching provides the space to reflect, think, imagine, question, become. Our Team OC3 Coaches partner with leaders to help them gain self-awareness and challenge their assumptions. We nudge them to ask “what if?” and “why not?” and “how about?” – motivating action, one step at a time. It’s about letting go of internal interference, gaining insight, and learning to believe in what’s possible. Purposeful exploration enables leaders to re-set their mindset, overcome obstacles, re-ignite their superpowers, and pursue their professional growth.


Here's how we explore working together.


Every engagement is different—one size fits one.


Here's how we start.


Compatibility Conversation

We get acquainted to learn more about each other. It’s about chemistry. We want to see if working together makes good sense.


We’re here to hear what’s on your mind. What’s not working?

What do you want to be different? What does success look like? What’s the gap from here to there?


Once we know more about you, we develop tailored recommendations designed to achieve your – or your organization’s - goals. This includes options and investment levels.


We seal the deal. We align and sign off on a formal agreement and statement of work.

Right from the Start

We start the relationship with a detailed conversation about goals, process, logistics, deliverables, and milestones.

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